Konkan Coast Pirate Solutions is a cozy puzzle game about helping pirate ships do pirate things.
Set up the simulations. Watch how the ships behave. Explore how the systems interact.

Each puzzle is a hand-crafted scenario designed to highlight interesting emergent mechanics that exist within the simulations. You start off by placing commands on the simulation board, and then seeing how the ships behave. Once the simulation starts, you cannot change the commands, so you have to figure out how the ships behave with commands and with each other.

The simulations are full of ocean currents, icebergs and many more hazards. Learn how they interact, and how to use them to your advantage. Interactions between the simplest systems can hide the deepest mechanics.

Explore 100+ Scenarios. There is no time pressure to complete the puzzles, so you can explore each puzzle and see how all the different elements interact with each other. The simplest levels are on the beaten path. while the optional levels delve deeper into the complexities of the simulations.

Follow the growth of a pirate startup. Over the course of the game you follow the story of Swami, Mani and Rajan. They are developing their simulation technology and trying to take over the Pirate Industry. See if they have what it takes to succeed.


Konkan Coast Pirate Solutions is the first commercial game released by chapliboy. The first of many.

chapliboy is a one-person game development studio based in Bangalore, India. Samarth Hattangady is the one-person in this instance, and is in charge of all game-development related activities, and all non-game-development related activities as well.


"It's a lovely thing, built with cheerfulness and wit, and I can't wait to play more."

"It's super rich in eureka moments... I sat down and played it for about two more hours than I was supposed to, which I think speaks pretty highly for its quality as a puzzler."





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